V’mitsu PineTox is mainly made up of prune and honey. The high fiber in prune provides satiety, enhances peristalsis and relieves constipation. Besides, prune contains 15 times more iron compared to apple, which helps in boosting rosy skin and red blood cell production. Honey relieves heatiness & gastrointestinal disorder, and moisturizing our skin.

• Detoxification
• Red blood cell production
• Boost rosy skin

V’mitsu PineTox 以黑枣精华为主要成分,因为黑枣含有丰富的纤维素,可帮助大肠蠕动,把毒素给排出体外。黑枣也含有比红苹果高出15倍的铁质,具有美容养颜、与造血的功效。此外,V’mitsu PineTox也添加了顶级蜂蜜,可帮助清热解毒、滋润皮肤与舒缓肠胃不适。

• 排毒
• 造血
• 润肤

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